Paint and interior

Which technology
to choose?

In the last decade, the widely known paint protection has undergone a real renaissance. With the technological advancement, as well as a wide availability of detailing services users of various vehicles are now aware of the proper care for them. The accessible offer of paint protection services is no longer limited to the premium vehicle owners. In fact, it has become a norm for anyone who wishes to enjoy the excellent condition of their vehicle for many years.

So why protect the car? The simplest answer is to keep it in its best condition for as long as possible. Some users care for maintaining a high value of their vehicles, others take pleasure from simply using it and or keeping it clean. We are most pleased with the fact that the culture of caring for owned vehicles is developing so rapidly.

Today’s design and production technology has allowed for a variety of forms of protection for painted surfaces such as: waxing, ceramic and elastomeric coatings, and self-healing films. These are undoubtedly the best available on market.

To make the decision-making process easier for our customers, we make recommendations dependent on how the vehicle is used, time for which the used would like to achieve the desired effect, and above all, what we would like to protect our vehicle from. Also, the first step selection table is presented below.

Parameters of protecting methods

Paint protection with PPF

This is the finest paint protection available to shield your car paint from mechanical damages such as paint chips, sanding, abrasions, and scratches. In addition, the offered films have self-healing properties, making your vehicle easy to keep clean.

The producers of the films we use guarantee up to 10-year warranty on their products. The long-lasting effect of self-healing properties enable vehicles to remain in the factory condition despite everyday use. Our clients often do not need to repaint the protected elements.

FRONT package
  • front bumper,
  • side mirrors,
  • headlights,
  • door handles area,
  • loading edge of truck
  • door sills

Available from 2700 zł (+23% VAT)

  • hood,
  • front bumper,
  • front fenders
  • headlights
  • side mirrors,
  • A pillars and front roof edge
  • door handles area,
  • trunk loading edge

Available from 5100 zł (+23% VAT)

FULL BODY package
  • all exterior
    painted elements

Available from 12500 zł (+23% VAT)

INTERIOR package
  • selected interior parts

Available from 450 PLN (+23% VAT)

SILLS package
  • door sills
  • trunk loading edge

Cena od 700 PLN (+23% VAT)

DOOR EDGE package
  • 6. all door edges

Available from 500 PLN (+23% VAT)


  • especially tailored for you
Individual Pricing

Elastomers are a new generation of coatings protecting painted surfaces of vehicles raging from cars and motorcycles to boats and planes. The main difference between ceramic or quartz coatings is that elastomers have the self-healing properties. Having a flexible structure enables the coating to absorb energy generated while scratching or collision with other objects. When exposed to the right temperature, the coating undergoes the process of self-regeneration, resulting in complete restoration to original dimensions. We call this the process of surface self-regeneration.

This technology guarantees self-healing of scratches, long-lasting hydrophobic effect, exceptional color depth and gloss on an easy to clean surface of your vehicles. All of which is achieved without the need of servicing.

In this package we protect the paint, windows, rims, and the interior.

Up to 10 years of durability

Available from 4900 zł (+23% VAT)

Ceramic coating is no longer a service performed solely in the premium car segment. It is easier to maintain, regardless of weather conditions. The coating leaves a glossy finish, which will boost the value of the vehicle but most importantly, gives pleasure from daily use.

This technology, with regular servicing, guarantees a long-term hydrophobic effect, easy to clean, exceptional color depth and shine. This package include paint, windows, rims, and the interior.

Up to 5 years of durability

Available from 3300 zł (+23% VAT)

Vehicle protection has been in the automotive industry from the very start. At the beginning of 20th century, horse-drawn carriages were covered with natural pastes based on carnauba wax and coconut oils. With time the protection technology as well as waxes themselves have changed tremendously. However, they remain one of the most popular ways of paint protection.


Natural waxes bring out a unique effect of depth, gloss, and slipperiness on paint. This makes it easier to maintain despite unfavorable weather conditions.

Available from 650 zł (+23% VAT)

Material roofs are extremely sensitive to weather conditions. However, with proper care, we can enjoy their factory appearance for many years.

The basic procedure is cleaning the roof. Its rough structure is constantly exposed to UV rays, various weather conditions and road dirt.

Regular impregnation is key to preserve the surface of the roof in beautiful condition, making it easier to clean.

Available from 800 zł (+23% VAT)

The interior of our vehicles is a place where we spend a large part of our lives. A special attention should be paid to the care and protection of the interior materials that we are surrounded by. Thanks to this protection, the appearance will remain practically unchanged years after.

The variety of materials used in the interiors makes it one of the most demanding areas to preserve and protect. We use products such as: synthetic impregnating agents, natural milks, and PPF to protect leather elements, upholstered elements, plastic, and painted surfaces.

Available from 900 zł (+23% VAT)