Paint and interior

Regardless of the age, condition, and use of the vehicle, our cars require a more than standard process of car wash.

Detailing wash is a complex, multi-step wash which removes organic and non-organic dirt from all the car parts. It is performed with the professional and safe chemicals, as well as accessories.

This process includes the following steps:

  • Active-foam wash with neutral pH
  • Body wash using shampoo and sheep wool gloves
  • Effective and safe full body decontamination
  • Removal of break dust and rubber from tires and inner wheel arches
  • Door bays and sills wash
  • Drying with a waffle towel and microfiber while using compressed air
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Tire coating

Available from 650 zł (+23% VAT)

Even the most well-kept interior of a vehicle requires thorough cleaning from time to time. This process reduces mechanical wear and the natural degradation of materials used inside.

This multi-step wash removes dirt and maintains the interior of your car. It is performed with the professional and safe cosmetics and accessories. This process includes the following steps: deep interior and trunk vacuuming, removal of dust form areas difficult to access as well as storages, washing the upholstery or cleaning the leather upholstery, cleaning plastic trims, and leather and plastic trim care.

Available from 1000 zł (+23% VAT)

With time, the paint loses its shine, and the surface becomes scratched. The external paintwork can be restored to its original condition, as if you were leaving the dealership.

This full and multi-step car paint restoration removes up to 100% paint scratches. This process of polishing brings back the original gloss and color depth, which is carried out with the use of high-class equipment, abrasives, and polishing pastes. If done in line with the highest standards which come from years of experience, there is no risk of damaging the surface.

Available from 1500 zł (+23% VAT)

This method removes large dents, bodyline damage and door dings from the body of the vehicle without the need to paint the element.

The repaired element undergoes a series of processes to bring back the surface to its original shape without damaging the paint. At times we must disassemble some parts, but it is not a frequent practice.

Available from 200 zł (+23% VAT)

Repairing damaged leather does not have to mean a visit to an upholsterer. The solution is using the leather painting technology. Daily use, mechanical damages, humidity, and changes in temperature can all diminish your interior’s glamour and the car’s value. After a proper preparation, filling in the defects and selecting the color the leather returns to its factory condition.

This technology replaces services done by masters of upholstery.

Available from 500 PLN (+23% VAT)